Ma­jor wa­ter main work for Plan­ta­ge­net neigh­bou­rhood

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Cer­tain streets in the Vil­lage of Plan­ta­ge­net could be the site of ma­jor cons­truc­tion work la­ter this year.

Pen­ding ap­pro­val of an in­fra­struc­ture sub­si­dy ap­pli­ca­tion, Al­fred-Plan­ta­ge­net Town­ship’s pu­blic works de­part­ment may re­place a 1.1-ki­lo­metre-long sec­tion of eight-inch cast-iron wa­ter main. The wa­ter main ser­vices pro­per­ties bet­ween Wa­ter Street and Sla­ter Street. “We’re wai­ting for the amount (ap­pro­val) now,” said Marc Dai­gneault, town­ship chief ad­mi­nis­tra­tor du­ring a Fe­brua­ry 9 in­ter­view.

Re­pla­cing the de­cades-old wa­ter main is a prio­ri­ty item for this year’s ca­pi­tal works plan be­cause of a se­ries of ser­vice breaks along that sec­tion last win­ter. Ex­treme cold tem­pe­ra­ture per­iods drove the frost deep be­low the sur­face of the ground.

«We had a few (ser­vice) fai­lures and a Le dé­par­te­ment des tra­vaux pu­blics du can­ton d’Al­fred-Plan­ta­ge­net a en tête un im­por­tant pro­jet de rem­pla­ce­ment de pon­ceau pour le vil­lage de Plan­ta­ge­net, si une de­mande de sub­ven­tion d›in­fra­struc­ture est ap­prou­vée. La con­duite d’eau en fonte de huit pouces entre les rues Wa­ter et Sta­tion doit être rem­pla­cée et le coût pré­vu est de 1,2 mil­lion de dol­lars. few breaks last year,» ex­plai­ned Dai­gneault, ad­ding there have been two ser­vice fai­lures this sea­son. «This year we’ve been lu­cky, but we are kee­ping an eye on it.»

Re­pla­cing the old cast-iron wa­ter main will cost about $1.2 mil­lion. The town­ship’s share of that cost will be just 10 per cent if it can be ap­pro­ved for an in­fra­struc­ture sub­si­dy.

The cost could even be less if the town­ship can get its Re­quest for Pro­po­sal in place ear­ly this year. Cons­truc­tion out­fits like to fill up their sea­son ca­len­dar with contracts as soon as pos­sible, so they tend to be more com­pe­ti­tive with their bid­ding and that can work in fa­vour of the mu­ni­ci­pal ca­pi­tal bud­gets.

The town­ship’s $2.4 mil­lion ca­pi­tal works por­tion of the 2018 bud­get for this year al­so in­cludes th­ree road up­grade pro­jects, which amount to about 10 ki­lo­metres of pa­ving work. They in­clude a 2.3-ki­lo­metre sec­tion of Conces­sion 1 and a 5.68-ki­lo­metre sec­tion of Conces­sion 5, both in the Plan­ta­ge­net areas, and a two-ki­lo­metre sec­tion of Conces­sion 10 in the Vil­lage of Pend­le­ton. This last one is along part of the bor­der with The Na­tion Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, so the two mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties could share the to­tal cost.

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