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The OPP have re­cent­ly is­sued a re­lease war­ning re­si­dents of a new te­le­phone scam now ac­tive in On­ta­rio. The vic­tim gets a phone call from so­meone clai­ming to be a re­tai­ler who warns them that their cre­dit card is com­pro­mi­sed. They are told to re­port the pro­blem. When they hang up to do so, the con ar­tist is still on the line. When vic­tims of the scam try to phone ei­ther 911 or their bank, they end up spea­king with the con ar­tist. The con ar­tist then tells the vic­tim to trans­fer mo­ney in­to a “safe ac­count, which is control­led by the con ar­tist.

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