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Did you know three out of four Ca­na­dians know so­meone with de­men­tia?

That is why the In­ves­tor’s Group Walk for Alz­hei­mer’s will be held on Sa­tur­day, 4FQUFNCFS BU UIF 3PDLMBOE .BOPS 5IJT walk is or­ga­ni­zed an­nual­ly by the Alz­hei­mer So­cie­ty of Corn­wall and Dis­trict and it is the So­cie­ty’s big­gest fun­drai­sing event for Alz­hei­mer’s di­sease and de­men­tia.

All the funds rai­sed du­ring the walk will go to­wards sup­por­ting those in the com­mu­ni­ty who are li­ving with de­men­tia, as well as for UIFJS GBNJMJFT BOE DBSFHJWFST .POFZ SBJTFE will go to­wards day pro­grams and ser­vices, coun­se­ling and edu­ca­tion pro­grams to help people with de­men­tia and their ca­re­gi­vers live a bet­ter life.

Last year, the Walk was al­so held at the 3PDLMBOE .BOPS

.BOZ DBSFHJWFST BOE GBNJMZ NFNCFST of those li­ving with Alz­hei­mer’s wi­thin the com­mu­ni­ty were present to share their sto­ries. Se­ve­ral Alz­hei­mer’s So­cie­ty and 3PDLMBOE .BOPS SFQSFTFOUBUJWFT BMTP TBJE a few words.

The Alz­hei­mer So­cie­ty of Corn­wall and Dis­trict cur­rent­ly as­sists more than 3,600 people in the re­gion li­ving with Alz­hei­mer’s EJTFBTF BOE PUIFS EFNFOUJBT .PSF UIBO 25,000 Ca­na­dians are diag­no­sed with de­men­tia each year.

Re­gis­tra­tion will be­gin at 1 p.m. on the day of the walk, Sep­tem­ber 22, and the walk will start at 1:30 p.m. Those in­ter­es­ted in re­gis­te­ring or in do­na­ting to the walk can vi­sit www.walk­fo­ralz­hei­


Trois Ca­na­diens sur quatre connaissent une per­sonne at­teinte de la ma­la­die d’Alz­hei­mer ou d’une ma­la­die ap­pa­ren­tée. La Marche pour l’Alz­hei­mer du Groupe In­ves­tors au­ra lieu le 22 sep­tembre au Ma­noir Ro­ck­land, 9045, route 17 à Ro­ck­land. Pour s’ins­crire à la marche, ren­dez-vous à www.walk­fo­ralz­hei­ Le jour de la marche, les ins­crip­tions com­men­ce­ront à 13 h et la marche à 13h30. Ici, des par­ti­ci­pants de la marche de l’an­née der­nière, qui a aus­si eu lieu au Ma­noir Ro­ck­land en sep­tembre 2017.

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