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- vides for ar­bi­tra­tion through an in­de­pendent pa­nel com­po­sed of re­pre­sen­ta­tives for the three coun­tries to set­tle any trade dis­putes bet­ween Ca­na­da, Mexi­co, and the Uni­ted States. President Trump and Ame­ri­can ne­go­tia- at least re­vi­sing the Chap­ter 19 sec­tion, ma­king it wea­ker. Prime Mi­nis­ter Tru­deau and that Chap­ter 19 is non-ne­go­tiable. - ber of Par­lia­ment for Glen­gar­ry-Pres­cottRus­sell, my hope is for ze­ro conces­sions.” Be­sides the dead­lock over Chap­ter 19, the U.S. is al­so de­man­ding changes to the sec­tions dea­ling with the dai­ry trade and al­so fo­rei­gn in­vest­ment in Ca­na­dian me­dia. Po­li­ti­cal pun­dits have spe­cu­la­ted that Trump’s goal is to open up Ca­na­da to more im­ports of U.S. dai­ry pro­ducts at the ex­pense of the Ca­na­dian dai­ry in­dus­try, in­clu­ding dai­ry pro­du­cers in On­ta­rio and Que­bec, and al­so al­low Ame­ri­can me­dia giants a chance to buy up Ca­na­dian news­pa­pers, radio, and T.V. out­lets. Meanw­hile, Drouin no­ted that the fe­de­ral go­vern­ment is loo­king at sa­fe­guards in the wake of Trump’s 25 per cent ta­riff on Ca­na­dian steel and 10 per cent ta­riff on alu­mi­num, which will im­pact ex­ports to the U.S. la­ter this year. The fe­de­ral go­vern­ment wants to make sure other coun­tries don’t try to dump cheap steel and alu­mi­num in­to the Ca­na­dian mar­ket and create pro­blems for home in­dus­tries ne­go­tia­tions re­sume this week in the Uni­ted States.

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