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It’s time to ac­quire your Pop­py! “The funds we col­lect du­ring the cam­pai­gn goes to se­ve­ral things,” ex­plai­ned John and other me­di­cal things.” The Pop­py Cam­pai­gn is sche­du­led to be­gin on Oc­to­ber 26 The funds rai­sed are al­so used to help the lo­cal Ca­dets, Scouts, Girl Guides, Brow­nies and the Cubs. They are al­so used to pro­vide bur­sa­ries to lo­cal stu­dents hea­ding to post­se­con­da­ry edu­ca­tion. In ad­di­tion, the lo­cal Le­gion helps the as well as the Leave the Streets Be­hind ini­tia­tive, which aims at re­du­cing the num­ber of ve­te­rans li­ving ho­me­less. “Eve­ry year, “We re­cent­ly got them an elec­tric bed, worth awards a lo­cal ca­det with the Le­gion me­dal. “We present it to a ca­det that goes over and As usual per eve­ry other year, Pop­py boxes in most bu­si­nesses, as well as in­for­ma­tion tables set up at The In­de­pendent and Wal­mart. Pins, hats, ma­gnets and other the Pop­pies are not being sold; they are

—pho­to Fran­cis Ra­cine

Des fi­liales de la Lé­gion royale ca­na­dienne à tra­vers le pays lancent leur cam­pagne an­nuelle du fonds du coquelicot du jour du Sou­ve­nir. La cam­pagne à Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land com­mence le sa­me­di 27 oc­tobre et se pour­sui­vra jus­qu’au sa­me­di 10 no­vembre.

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