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Why Changing your Dentures Regularly is a Healthy Choice

- Nicholas Fournier, DD

“Hold on! Wait a minute. Change my dentures? Why? Mine are fine? I have no problems; I can eat anything I want!” Sound familiar? If you feel that your old prosthetic teeth are still good after 10 years, think again.

A piece of plastic can last a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a great idea to keep your dentures just as long. Holding on to old dentures for too long is never a good idea. They need to be changed at least every five to eight years.

Still being able to chew your food while not having any pain, discomfort, or other symptoms doesn’t mean everything is alright.

Because changes happen so gradually, over time, your mouth and teeth adapt to those small changes. Sadly though, in 10 years, your mouth and facial structure will have shifted dramatical­ly.

For some people, adapting to a new dental prosthesis can be a big hurdle. This is usually the result of previous negative experience­s wearing ill-fitting dentures. For them, the thought of wearing prosthetic teeth can lead to a great deal of anxiety.

By far, the most frequent complaint I hear about getting new dentures is facial aesthetics. Especially from patients who are fearful of these changes because they’ve worn dentures in the past and found that they seemed to be wearing “horse teeth”, dentures that were too big. The changes were so incredibly overwhelmi­ng because the dentures simply didn’t fit properly.

That type of situation should never happen, but when it does, it’s usually due to faulty communicat­ion and not having spent enough time with the patient. The result: important details aren’t discussed properly, expectatio­ns aren’t met, and results aren’t attained.

If a patient wants to explore different options, whether for appearance and functional­ity or the hold of implants, they can. With over 20 years of profession­al experience in the field, I believe it’s absolutely possible to make dental prostheses look remarkably natural and feel just as comfortabl­e. I’m here to help you find the solution that best suits you!

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