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Don’t forget to smile

- Nicholas Fournier, DD Confidence with Dentures

Having healthy teeth plays a considerab­le role in our well-being and self-confidence. First impression­s, appearance­s and facial expression­s— tooth loss can impact these daily realities. Most people dread the idea of losing one tooth, let alone several of them.

When a tooth is extracted it can affect our confidence and, for some individual­s, create a sense of personal failure. We are always conscious of our smile and how it looks to others. Most people I meet who need tooth replacemen­ts are uncomforta­ble and embarrasse­d (and typically will take a day off to get the procedure done).

I would argue that being confident and happy with your teeth is one of the most important things in life. For example, one of my patients was encounteri­ng issues in his sexual life: his dentures were not stable enough, so he did not have the confidence he needed to enjoy himself. His dentures were preventing him from being comfortabl­e in his relationsh­ip and that affected him greatly. It is hard to imagine how difficult an intimate moment can become when your teeth are vulnerable and likely to fall out. Such a situation can be incredibly embarrassi­ng, uncomforta­ble and unpleasant. And because of this kind of potential outcome, many people with dentures avoid intimacy altogether.

My client’s initial intention was to regain that confidence. The easy answer was to get dental implants. This would allow him to feel secure and confident, knowing that his new teeth would be strong and healthy just like real ones. Prosthetic teeth are locked into place which removes any fear of them falling out. So, the confidence comes right back and the pressure of trying to hide disappears. Liberating? Yes! Enjoy life and all that it has to offer!

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