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(NC) Health Canada is warn­ing home­own­ers about the risk of radon, the num­ber one cause of lung can­cer for non-smok­ers. All homes have some level of radon, the ques­tion is how much. In fact, based on cur­rent hous­ing stock statis­tics and Health Canada’s re­search, close to a mil­lion homes have high radon lev­els in the coun­try. Radon is a ra­dioac­tive gas that comes from ura­nium in the ground and can get into your home un­de­tected through cracks and gaps in the floors, walls, win­dows and doors. Radon rep­re­sents al­most 50 per cent of a per­son’s life­time ra­di­a­tion ex­po­sure and re­sults in more than 3,200 deaths in Canada ev­ery year. Although pub­lic aware­ness of radon is grow­ing, few peo­ple have ac­tu­ally tested their home for it. Re­cent re­search shows that de­spite over half of Cana­di­ans say­ing they know about radon, less than 10 per cent have done any­thing about it. Of those who tested their home and found high lev­els, only 29 per cent did some­thing to re­duce it, even though it in­creases their risk of lung can­cer. For­tu­nately, radon is one health risk that is eas­ily pre­ventable. Since you can’t see, smell or taste it, the only way to know if radon has reached dan­ger­ous lev­els in your home is to test for it. Test­ing your home is easy. You can pur­chase an in­ex­pen­sive test kit or con­tact a cer­ti­fied pro­fes­sional to help you check the lev­els in your home. If your home’s radon level is high, it can be fixed at a rea­son­able cost. Tech­niques to lower radon lev­els are ef­fec­tive and can save lives. A radon mit­i­ga­tion sys­tem can be in­stalled in less than a day and in most homes will re­duce the radon level by up to 90 per cent for about the same cost as other com­mon home re­pairs such as re­plac­ing the fur­nace or air con­di­tioner. You can keep you and your fam­ily safe by test­ing the radon level in your home. Find a DIY test kit or pro­fes­sional at take­ac­tionon­radon.ca.

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