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We must act decisively and boldly now on climate change


Re: ‘How can I plan in a world that’s so uncertain?’ activist asks — July 19

Climate change is a reality. Science tells us. Our local, provincial, national and global news show us.

The Internatio­nal Panel on Climate Change has stated we have 11 years to try to ensure that the global average temperatur­e does not rise above 1.5 degrees C. Other reputable scientific sources state in fact that our chance of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C is minuscule and our window of opportunit­y is less than 11 years. If the global average temperatur­e rises above 1.5 degrees C, natural feedback loops will accelerate global warming to a tipping point that will be beyond human power to influence or withstand.

Catastroph­es beyond our imaginatio­n will take place, and the environmen­t as we know it will be irrevocabl­y changed.

However, we know solutions exist, scientific­ally, environmen­tally, technologi­cally, socially and politicall­y. Canada needs a New Green Deal. We must act now and we must act decisively and boldly.

The climate emergency is a non-partisan issue. The Canadian federal election on Oct. 21 gives Canadians an opportunit­y to demand full-scale action from all political parties.

We need a national debate on the climate emergency on CBC prior to the election to show Canadians who has effective and committed plans to respond to climate change.

Gail Schenk Kitchener

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