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Bombers’ Hecht reminded of doping tweet


It seems Canadian Football League players Derek Dennis and Richie Leone have good memories.

Winnipeg running back Andrew Harris was suspended for two games Monday following a positive drug test. That prompted both Dennis, a Calgary Stampeders offensive lineman, and Leone, a punter with Ottawa, to remind Bombers safety Jeff Hecht of his harsh criticism of Redblacks long-snapper Louis-Philippe Bourassa following his suspension under similar circumstan­ces roughly two months earlier.

Bourassa received a two-game suspension June 23 after a positive drug test.

“Let me know if you need a workout program after you’re done your 2 week vacation,” Hecht tweeted afterwards. “Sometimes you just have to work hard instead of being lazy and try to buy an edge.”

Hecht also tweeted: “The player was very much aware of the banned nature of this product. If he was not, then there is a larger problem of negligence and ignorance that needs to be addressed.”

Following Harris’s suspension, Dennis and Leone reminded Hecht of those comments.

“This didn’t age well huh,” tweeted Dennis.

“I think we are all just waiting on team spokesman @JeffHecht2­4 for his take on the matter ..... v interested in what he has to say since he’s so well versed on the drug policy,” Leone added also on Twitter.

There was no immediate response on Hecht’s Twitter account.

Harris was suspended after testing positive for Metandieno­ne, an anabolic steroid. The CFL rushing leader told reporters Monday he didn’t knowingly use a banned substance and believes the supplement he took was contaminat­ed.

Many Bombers players attended Harris’s news conference to support of him. Afterwards, head coach Mike O’Shea, starting quarterbac­k Matt Nichols and offensive lineman Stanley Bryant all vouched for Harris, as did Craig Smith, a former CFL personnel official who’s spent time with Winnipeg and B.C.

“Was with the Bombers 2 years & the Lions for two years when Harris was there,” Smith tweeted. “He’s one of the best guys I’ve met in the League.

“If I had a daughter I would love to have him as a son-in-law. Great quality kid. Stay strong Andrew.”

A two-game suspension is the penalty for a first-time positive test. A second violation results in a nine-game ban, with a seasonlong penalty coming with a third offence.

A player testing positive a fourth time faces a lifetime ban.

Saskatchew­an defensive lineman Jordan Reaves, recovering from a season-ending knee injury suffered during training camp, also chimed in about Harris’s suspension. “Don’t tell them you’re sorry cuz you’re not...baby cuz you know you’re only sorry you got caught,” he tweeted.

That predictabl­y drew the ire of Bombers supporters. But Reaves, who began his CFL career in Winnipeg and whose father, Willard, was a star running back with the Manitoba franchise, said fans shouldn’t be upset with him.

“Y’all Winnipeg fans need a hobby ???? I’m not calling him classless or even a cheater!” Reaves tweeted. “The man got caught with something and that’s that!

“He’s one hell of a player that made a mistake! And for goodness sake if you feel attacked by my tweet about another man please re-evaluate life.”

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