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The Ger­man Speak­ing Jobs group at http://www.ger­manspeak­, will pro­vide a sim­ple and di­rect man­ner for job ap­pli­cants to find their dream jobs! The us­age of the web­site for job seek­ers is com­pletely free.

For re­cruiters there is a small fee that re­cruiters must pay to start post­ing job ads (not a fee per job, it's a one-time fee (1,5 Eu­ros) and it aims solely at avoid­ing spam­mers. This fee is payable through PayPal. If you're a real per­son look­ing to post jobs but don't have paypal or don't feel like you could spend 1,5 eu­ros, just write me a mes­sage.

If you are a re­cruiter seek­ing ad­e­quate pro­files, soon the web­site will have built-in a ser­vice that will al­low to seek and iden­tify the right per­son for the job you’re ad­ver­tis­ing, as well as a CV re­view and ca­reer ad­vice ser­vice.

If you suc­ceed at find­ing the right ap­pli­cant, or the right job, please con­sider do­nat­ing us­ing the but­ton on the front page. The web­site Ger­man Speak­ing Jobs does not run from, or is in any way di­rect to, Ger­many or Aus­tria. It is, in­stead, open to us­age from any place in the world and is sup­posed to be a sim­pli­fied hub for job hunters and re­cruiters. It does not have “prof­its” or “staff”. It’s an ef­fort to help, on th­ese tough times, the thou­sands of peo­ple seek­ing em­ploy­ment.

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