(JAN. 27 to FEB. 4)

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Shoot­ing for live per­form­ers? You’ll find a bull’s eye at Cen­tre­pointe Theatre. First, Mary Pop­pins

brings to life the clas­sic 1964 mu­si­cal. Su­per­cal­ifrag­ilis­tic­ex­pi­ali­do­cious! Ev­ery­body can learn a lit­tle some­thing from the nanny who be­lieves that any­thing can hap­pen. On the other hand, Sweeney Todd (FEB. 23 to

FEB. 25) is a cut above with its gory tale of a mur­der­ous bar­ber. For com­edy, turn to Steve Pat­ter­son’s an­nual CBC’s The De­baters (FEB. 7 & 8); for the kids, catch pop-star turned chil­dren’s per­former Lisa Loeb (FEB. 18).

She’ll make you “Stay” un­til the en­core. cen­tre­pointeth­e­

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