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STORY BY VINCE SHULEY 2YHU WKH OaVW GH­caGH WKH cUaIW EHHU LQGXVWUy KaV HxSORGHG acURVV North Amer­ica. The Pa­cific North­west has de­vel­oped its own char­ac­ter in the in­dus­try with Cas­cade hops, sourced from farms in Wash­ing­ton and Ore­gon and named af­ter the iconic Cas­cade Moun­tain Range. The Sea to Sky cor­ri­dor is home to sev­eral HVWaEOLVKHG EUHwHULHV LQcOXGLQJ WKH OR­caO : KLVWOHU BUHwLQJ CRPSaQy aQG WKH 6TXaPLVK HRwH 6RXQG BUHwLQJ CRPSaQy, ERWK RI wKLcK aUH RQ UHJXOaU URWaWLRQ RQ WKH WaSV aW DXEK / LQQ * aWH. While it is ob­vi­ously an Ir­ish pub with all the Guin­ness posters RQ WKH waOO, WKH VWaII aW DXEK / LQQ * aWH aUH EHHU IaQaWLcV wKR HQMRy QRWKLQJ PRUH WKaQ XQEULGOHG YaULHWy. 6SHcLaO caVN nights are held on the last Thurs­day of ev­ery month com­plete with a food pair­ing dish to bring out all the flavours of WKH IHaWXUHG EHHU. : LWK UHJXOaU LPSRUWV IURP aV IaU aV CaOLIRUQLa aQG 2QWaULR, WKH DXEK / LQQ * aWH KaV a VWyOH RI EHHU IRU ev­ery dis­cern­ing beer palate. Open daily from 7am till late. www. GXEKOLQQJaWH. cRP / 604- 905- 4047.

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