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Many peo­ple think bats are blind. That’s just not true! Bats can see per­fectly fine, thank you very much. How­ever, at night when they are most ac­tive, they use echolo­ca­tion to make their way around. The click­ing noises bats make bounce off the things around them, help­ing them to search for tasty bugs and fly with­out bump­ing into any­thing.

When the days get crisp and cool in the fall, the Lit­tle Brown Bat starts to pre­pare for hi­ber­na­tion by eat­ing more and in­creas­ing their pudge by 30 per cent. Lit­tle Brown Bats give birth to a sin­gle pup a year. It is born in the sum­mer, usu­ally in June or July.

The Lit­tle Brown Bat can eat half its body weight in a sin­gle night. That’s more than 1,000 in­sects!

Lit­tle Brown Bat pups start fly­ing at a very early age — as young as three weeks old.

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