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An­i­mals that live in the city are of­ten called ur­ban wildlife. They have to be a lot bolder than an­i­mals that live in the coun­try. They’re cer­tainly not afraid to shout out “mine!” when it comes to ter­ri­tory. Song spar­rows, for ex­am­ple, are more likely to be ter­ri­to­rial and ag­gres­sive to peo­ple than their coun­try cousins.

This goes for crows too. Crows are not afraid to stick up for them­selves. They’re able to re­mem­ber the faces of hu­mans who’ve been a threat to them in the past and will at­tack those hu­mans if they need to. They’ll gather up their fam­ily and even com­plete strangers to swoop in for the at­tack. Don’t mess with birds!

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