What to Do With Fallen Leaves

Ah, the fresh cool air of au­tumn! Have the leaves turned colour where you live? Have they fallen? Fallen leaves are per­fect for pil­ing up and jump­ing in. Do you know what else they’re good for? This leaf rub­bing craft!


What You’ll Need:

• Crayons

• Paper

• Leaves of dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes

Fol­low these steps:

1. Take a leaf and place it un­der a piece of paper.

2. Rub a crayon on the paper, over the area of the leaf. The long,

flat side of crayons works best.

3. Leave as is or re­peat with another leaf in another po­si­tion.

Think about it:

• What pat­terns can you spot in the veins? Why do you think leaves have veins? We cer­tainly think they come in handy when car­ry­ing nu­tri­ents for the trees.

• How would you de­scribe the dif­fer­ent edges of the leaves? Do the leaf shapes re­mind you of any­thing?


• If you col­lect leaves to do the craft on another day, press the leaves to pre­vent curl­ing. Place them in a flower press or be­tween paper and un­der a stack of heavy books, and leave them for a cou­ple of days.

• Worked your way through all the leaves? Try mak­ing rub­bings

of tree bark in­stead!

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