Cu­ri­ous Chore­og­ra­phy

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If a worker Honey­bee has found nec­tar or pollen, she’ll come back to the hive and do a lit­tle dance to show the oth­ers where they can find it. If the food is close by (10 me­tres away), she’ll do what’s called a round dance. The dance starts with the Honey­bee mov­ing in a cir­cle one way and then the other way. But if the food is more than 100 me­tres away, she’ll do what’s called a wag­gle dance. For this dance, the worker will walk in a line while wag­ging her tail. Sud­denly she’ll turn, walk in a half cir­cle and walk back, wag­ging her tail again. And then she’ll re­peat the whole dance. The num­ber of times she re­peats the dance will let the other bees know how far away the food is from the hive. But how do the other bees know what flow­ers to look for? That’s easy! They’ll be able to smell it off the worker Honey­bee!

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