Build a Pol­li­na­tor-Friendly Minia­ture Gar­den

Wild - - DID YOU KNOW... - By Sa­man­tha Benes, Grade 5 Hil­son Av­enue Pub­lic School, Ot­tawa

Pol­li­na­tors are an­i­mals like bees, hum­ming­birds and but­ter­flies that trans­port pollen from one part of the plant to an­other so the plant can re­pro­duce. Sadly the pol­li­na­tor pop­u­la­tion is de­clin­ing. You can help by giv­ing them the ideal flower gar­den.

What You’ll Need:

• A sunny spot in your yard

• Na­tive nec­tar plant seeds and na­tive host plant seeds that are known to at­tract pol­li­na­tors like bee balm, cone­flow­ers, lupin, black eyed su­sans and milk­weed (make sure you know what plants are na­tive to your prov­ince) • A small bowl

• ½ cup of wa­ter

• Medium sized rocks

• ¼ cup of mar­bles

Fol­low these Steps

1. Choose two nec­tar plants and two host

plants that are na­tive to your prov­ince.

2. Then dig holes that are about 6.3 mil­lime­tres

deep in sunny spots.

3. Next, sprin­kle a few seeds in­side the holes

and cover the holes with dirt.

4. Wa­ter your plant each day un­less it rains or the in­struc­tions on the packet of seeds says not to.

5. Next, place a few smooth rocks around

your plants.

6. Now for a spot to drink for the pol­li­na­tors! Fill a shal­low bowl with mar­bles and pour wa­ter into the bowl. Be sure to re­fill it when the wa­ter has evap­o­rated.

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