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It takes nine months for a hu­man baby to be ready to come into the world. Have you ever won­dered how long preg­nan­cies can last for an­i­mals?

Do you have a lit­tle brother, sis­ter or maybe a baby cousin on the way? You might be wait­ing a lit­tle while be­fore you’ll get to meet them. It takes nine whole months for a baby to de­velop and be ready to greet the world. Have you ever won­dered how long it takes for an­i­mals? Let’s find out!

Some species give birth to their young re­ally quickly!

Big Horn Sheep

After about six months of preg­nancy, fe­male Big Horn Sheep will leave their flock to set­tle on a spot to give birth. They’ll usu­ally choose a pri­vate lo­ca­tion like a canyon or a gully to have their lamb. They usu­ally give birth to just one lamb, but in some cases, they will have twins. After two or three days, they will re­join the flock.


At three months preg­nant, a fe­male beaver will kick her mate out of their lodge so she can give birth to a lit­ter of kits. Males will move to an old lodge or even a bur­row in the river­bank while they wait for the young to be born. In May or June, the lit­ter will fi­nally ar­rive, with three to four tiny beavers weigh­ing in at 450 grams. The kits are born ready for ac­tion — their teeth are al­ready cut, they have fur on their bodies, they can see per­fectly well, and they can even swim! How­ever, fe­males keep their lit­tle ones close to home for at least a month be­fore ven­tur­ing out of the lodge.

Red Fox

Red Foxes have to wait only about 50 to 60 days be­fore giv­ing birth. They can have as few as one and as many as 10 pups per lit­ter. These lit­tle pups are born blind, and the fe­male, called a vixen, is pretty pro­tec­tive of them at this vul­ner­a­ble stage — many fe­males keep males from en­ter­ing the den un­til their pups’ eyes open (usu­ally around the se­cond week).


Fe­male chip­munks are preg­nant for only about 30 days! They’ll give birth to four to six young (isn’t that a hand­ful?!) and take care of them all on their own with­out any help from males. Usu­ally, chip­munks in Canada will have only one lit­ter a year be­tween April and May, but some will have a se­cond lit­ter in the fall. These lovely lit­tle chip­munks are born com­pletely help­less at just three grams. Their fur will start to show at the ripe old age of 10 days, their ears perk up at around 28 days, and they’ll see the world for the first time at

31 to 33 days of age.

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