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West­ern Cho­rus Frog 101

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This lit­tle frog also goes by the name Striped Cho­rus Frog and Mid­land Cho­rus Frog.

What sounds like a fin­ger­nail run­ning across a comb? The West­ern Cho­rus Frog’s call. Cre-ee-ee-k!

This frog needs shal­low wa­ter to thrive. West­ern Cho­rus Frogs are of­ten happy to set­tle down for a while in flooded ditches or mead­ows — so long as they’ve got at least 10 cen­time­tres of wa­ter or more.

Cho­rus The West­ern Frog is pretty in at tiny, weigh­ing one gram.

The West­ern Cho­rus Frog is ter­ri­ble at climb­ing and yet is a part of the tree frog fam­ily. That’s got to be con­fus­ing!

All frogs, in­clud­ing the West­ern Cho­rus Frog, have skin that soaks up ev­ery­thing it touches. That makes them vul­ner­a­ble to harsh chem­i­cals that might be in the wa­ter, like pes­ti­cides.

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