North At­lantic RightWhale

If you picked mostly D’s, you’re a


You’re a rar­ity! There are only about 450

Right Whales left in the world. Sadly, we’re los­ing many be­cause ships some­times crash into them and Right Whales can get all tan­gled up in fish­ing gear. That’s be­cause Right Whales seem to hang out where a lot of hu­man ac­tiv­ity is — along the coast. Here they’ll chow down on zoo­plank­ton or tiny an­i­mals that look like shrimp. And they eat a lot of it— up to 1,100 kilo­grams in one day! They get that much grub in by open­ing up their mouths wide and swim­ming through the wa­ter, catch­ing their prey as they go. With that much food, it’s no won­der that they’re re­ally large an­i­mals— weigh­ing in at 63,500 kilo­grams and as long as 16 me­tres. Yowza! If you don’t spot them from their size alone, they also have these neat bumpy white patches, called cal­losi­ties, all over their heads. Amaz­ing crea­tures!

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