Snakes have played the part of the bad guys in so many fairy tales, but they’re ac­tu­ally pretty use­ful around the gar­den! Slugs, snails, grubs and rats are no match for a hun­gry snake, and at­tract­ing these rep­tiles to your back­yard could be the best thing for keep­ing pests at bay. Plus, you’d be do­ing a big favour to Canada’s at-risk an­i­mal species. Of the 24 snake species that call Canada home, 13 of them are at risk of ex­tinc­tion. Pretty scary stuff, eh?

The Creepi­est of the Bunch?

East­ern Hog-nosed Snake This rep­tile plays dead by rolling over, stick­ing out its tongue and even let­ting a lit­tle blood trickle out of its mouth. If it’s scared, the East­ern Hog-nosed Snake will also re­lease a liq­uid from its bot­tom that smells like a dead an­i­mal. Eww!

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