You’d have to travel to the very deep parts of the ocean to find an An­gler­fish. This fish lives at the bot­tom of the sea where there is no light. No light? How can they see with­out any light?! Don’t worry about the An­gler­fish. It’s adapted so it can sur­vive in pitch black sur­round­ings. Fe­male An­gler­fish have neat look­ing spines, called dor­sal spines, that ex­tend right over their mouths. At the very tip of their spines is a bit of flesh that lights up and at­tracts prey. Did we men­tion their mouths are filled with translu­cent (see-through) sharp teeth? Yikes! Once a fish gets close enough to the dor­sal spine they’re snatched up with those scar­ily sharp teeth for a de­li­cious mid­night snack. Yum!

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