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Test your knowl­edge of the amaz­ing sense of smell that these an­i­mals have!

1. Which fish has the best sense of smell?

a. Stur­geon c. Shark b. Cod d. Salmon

2. How far away can a Po­lar Bear sniff out seals?

a. 26 kilo­me­tres b. 44 kilo­me­tres c. 56 kilo­me­tres d. 64 kilo­me­tres

3. How do snakes smell?

a. Through their noses b. Through their ears c. Through their skin d. Through their tongues

4. True or false:

An al­ba­tross can smell fish from the air.

5. True or false:

Rab­bits rely on their hear­ing to de­tect food un­der­ground.

6. How do foxes mark their ter­ri­tory?

a. By howl­ing at the moon b. By mark­ing it with scent c. By chas­ing off ri­vals d. By leav­ing signs that say “mine!!!”

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