Canada’s coastal rain­for­est is the habi­tat of pretty cool species! Can you link the an­i­mal on the left to a fun fact about them?

Wild - - PUZZLES -

1. I spend most of my life in salt­wa­ter, but I am born in fresh­wa­ter and mi­grate all the way back to it at the end of my life to mate.

2. I need the many wet­lands of the rain­for­est to lay my eggs, but I spend most of my time climb­ing in the plants around me where I can hide.

3. Many of my species liv­ing else­where in Canada fly south for the win­ter. I stick around the rain­for­est all year long.

4. I nest in lonely trees sur­rounded by bogs so that preda­tors don’t reach my nest. There I can also find a lot of tasty snakes and mice to eat.

5. I seem pretty de­fense­less, but be­ware! The slime I pro­duce makes me hard to eat.

6. The coastal rain­for­est is the place to be if you want to see me in white fur! Then I’m called “Ker­mode”.

7. I spend my win­ters in the shel­tered ar­eas of the coast, but dur­ing the sum­mer, you’re more likely to see me float­ing around in the rain­for­est’s small rivers.

8. Oth­ers of my species don’t nor­mally do this, but I like to eat fish! Mmmm, tasty salmon!

9. I like to nest in very old or dead trees, and mys­mall size en­ables me to find shel­ter in cav­i­ties aban­doned by other birds.

I Pa­cific Cho­rus Frog

C North­ern Saw-whet Owl

A Bald Ea­gle

H Ba­nana Slug

E Coho Salmon

D Har­lequin Duck

B Black Bear

G Grey Wolf

F Sand­hill Crane

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