The Clown


When Un­cle Ge­of­frey rings the door­bell, all the kids in your fam­ily rush to the door for piggy back rides and magic tricks. But he doesn’t mind. In fact, he’ll hap­pily spend the evening play­ing games with you and your cousins.

If Un­cle Ge­of­frey were a Cana­dian an­i­mal, we bet he’d be a Red Fox. While fe­male Red Foxes take care of new­born kits (what baby foxes are called), males will head out to hunt for the fam­ily. But once the kits are old enough to see the world be­yond their den (about three months or so), male Red Foxes will spend hours on end play­ing with the young­sters and teach­ing them how to find food in the wild.

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