The Chat­ter­box


Your Grandpa was born with the gift of gab. The minute he rings the door­bell, he’s got plenty to say: about hockey, the car he’s work­ing on in his garage, and on and on. You can barely get a word in!

If your Grandpa were a Cana­dian an­i­mal, we bet he’d be a North­ern Car­di­nal. These birds have vo­cal tal­ent be­yond com­pare. In less than a se­cond, they can go through all the notes a pi­ano can of­fer and more. Plus they’ve got amaz­ing con­trol over their voice. They might start singing on one side of their vo­cal cords (which let them sing!) and de­cide at a mo­ment’s no­tice to switch to the other side. That’s amaz­ing! Es­pe­cially con­sid­er­ing they barely even pause to breathe!

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