The Griz­zly is one unique crit­ter! But how well do you know it? Let’s find out. Cir­cle “True” or “False” after each fact.

1. The home range of a sin­gle Griz­zly can be up to three times the size of the city of Toronto! TRUE FALSE

2. A Griz­zly is a true hi­ber­na­tor. TRUE FALSE

3. Most of the Griz­zly’s diet is made of meat. TRUE FALSE

4. The Griz­zly tends to live alone ex­cept when it is breed­ing. TRUE FALSE

5. A Griz­zly can live more than 25 years. TRUE FALSE

6. About a third of a Griz­zly’s life is spent sleep­ing. TRUE FALSE

7. The av­er­age male Griz­zly weighs be­tween 250 and 350 kilo­grams. TRUE FALSE

8. A fe­male Griz­zly weighs about half as much as a male. TRUE FALSE

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