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Family man? What about PM’s Canadian family?


Stephen Harper doesn't t care about Canadians. He’s all about building his wealth and influence with the corporate elite that he meets behind closed doors under the banner of the North American Security and Prosperity Partnershi­p.

Under the enhanced free-trade agenda Harper is pursuing, proper food inspection is considered a trade barrier that should be eliminated by lowering inspection standards.

See what happens when food safety is deregulate­d, and the responsibi­lity for safety is passed to the companies that exist solely to profit?

At least 13 members of our Canadian family are dead as a result of the recent listeria outbreak after Harper cut food safety inspector jobs.

Among the dead are two elderly women from Essex County. How dare Harper suggest that he is anything like a good father to this country? A decent person protects his family members from harm.

That’s a fundamenta­l value Harper has failed to demonstrat­e, given countless opportunit­ies.

It galls me that he even has the nerve to position himself as a family man in his TV ads. The Canadian people know him differentl­y. JULIE COOK


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