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CAW leadership doesn’t speak for its members


What a hypocrite Buzz Hargrove is. He claims the recent good news by our prime minister to restart the Essex Engine Plant with an infusion of cash is the government bribing CAW members with their own money.

With the CAW spending millions of our dues money to fight the Conservati­ves during the election, it's the same thing. Worse yet, we get no say.

Hargrove said of the Ford funding: “It’s cynical, it's politicall­y opportunis­tic and I don’t think our members will be fooled by that.

As a laid-off Ford worker who gets stuck handing more than $80 a month to you when I'm working, you do not speak for me. Is there a bigger political opportunis­t than Hargrove?

If my fellow CAW members believe in getting back to an honest union that cares more about its members than it does about union bosses’ inflated egos, then ignore Ken Lewenza’s request that you vote the way he wants you to. Vote for the candidate of your choice. FREDERICK SANSON


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