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Vandals hack off tails from pair of stallions


The vandals who hacked off the tails of two stallions at a North Saanich stable Friday took more than just a metre or so of coarse black horsehair.

The horses’ owners, Jan Sutherland and Kristy Rowlandson, say the thieves robbed Fiddler and Lad of their very identities. The stallions are gypsy cobs, also known as gypsy vanners, and the small pony-type breed is best known for the flowing hair of its mane, tail and legs.

Sutherland said it’s distressin­g to see Fiddler and Lad, both breeding stallions, in this state.

“You want to grow their hair as long as you can get it. You never cut a gypsy horse’s hair.”

Now it will be next to impossible to sell the stallions’ services, since owners of breeding mares want to know the offspring will have the best traits of a gypsy cob — and that’s primarily lots of hair.

 ??  ?? Kristy Rowlandson
Kristy Rowlandson

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