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Parents arrested after child neglected


A nine-month-old boy is receiving medical care for malnutriti­on following the arrest of his parents who refused medical treatment Toronto doctors recommende­d for him last week.

Police issued a public alert after Erica Caines left Toronto Sick Kids hospital with her five-kilogram child, Heru Sut Tekh El, last Wednesday.

Doctors suggested treatment with which the 22year-old mother did not agree. She left the hospital with the baby.

Both Caines and her partner, a man named Rodney Edwards who also goes by the name Sirius Hotep Soot Tek El, were arrested Sunday after they returned to the hospital in a taxi with the baby and his two-year-old sibling, Global News reported. “We didn’t know that it would actually blow up this far, right. “But then, I am at work and I actually got a call from my mom because she was watching the news,” Edwards said.

Edwards, 36, said they took Heru to the hospital last week to be treated for a skin rash and were seeking advice on what to feed him.

The couple admits that they left the hospital, but only because they did not agree with the diagnosis because of their religious beliefs.

“So what he’s 11 pounds. He’s a little bit under weight,” Edwards said. “He’s fine, his eyes are fine. He’s a tad bit underweigh­t, he stand up, he turns over, he’s OK.”

Edwards told Global News he does not allow his son to receive needles.

“There are poisons, all these doctors are agents for the system, they don’t control their own lives.”

Shortly after the interview, police handcuffed both Caines and Edwards and escorted them from the hospital. They are both charged with obstructin­g justice and are to appear in court today alongside Caines’ sister, Tamika Lawrence.

The baby is receiving medical attention and will be under the care of children’s aid once he is released.

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