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Theologian claims Muslim girls can marry at nine


A Moroccan Islamic theologian repeated his claims Sunday that Muslim girls could marry as early as nine years old, arguing it was sanctioned by the prophet Mohammed.

“The marriage of nine-year-old girls is not forbidden because according to the Hadith (the prophet Mohammed’s sayings), Mohammed married Aisha when she was only seven years old and he consummate­d his union when she was nine,” wrote Sheikh Mohamed Ben Abderrahma­n Al-Maghraoui on his website (

Aisha is believed to be Mohammed’s favourite out of the prophet’s several wives.

“I am a confirmed theologian and I have not made this up. It is the prophet who said it before me,” said the Marrakesh-based founder of a religious associatio­n.

“Those who criticize me, like the press or Moroccan television as well as the lawyer who filed the complaint (against me), are part of a secular attack against the Islamic nation and its theologian­s,” he added.

Earlier this month, Rabat-based lawyer Mourad Bekkouri filed a com- plaint against Sheikh Maghraoui and his fatwa, which he said damages children’s human rights, and the family and criminal code by increasing the risk of rape.

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