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Michael Douglas to star in movie about Liberace


It had to happen, and finally it will: Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh is at work on a Liberace biopic he will direct for Warner Bros., reports Variety. Michael Douglas will star. Younger readers won’t know who Liberace is, or how to pronounce the name. He was a classicall­y trained pianist who became a star in the ’50s with his showmanshi­p, dazzling costumes, radiant smile and a repertoire of what he called “classical music with the boring bits left out.”

A lifelong bachelor in an age when homosexual­ity was condemned, he was certainly “flamboyant” — a code word, in those days — but always denied he was gay. He died of AIDS in 1987. But why? Daniel Radcliffe told Details magazine that “ part of me would love to play a drag queen, just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye makeup.”

They didn’t ask which part. He’s 19. Franchise time Typically a TV spinoff is created by taking a rib from an existing series, so to speak. So the buzz about an alleged House spinoff is a little confusing.

The high-rated drama’s new season starts Tuesday, and in Episode 2 a new character will be introduced, and then maybe will be spun off. That’s the report, anyway, from Korbi Ghosh, the TV columnist at

The actor is Michael Weston, and he plays a private investigat­or. Greatest grandson It’s a boy, born late last month but announced only the other day, for Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali, the boxing legend, and her husband Curtis Conway. All are well but “ there were some surprises during labour that altered Laila’s birth plan,” the family said.

The child, named Curtis Muhammad but already nicknamed C.J., is Laila’s first and Curtis Conway’s third. She’s 30. Glamorous life The British papers say Kate Moss and boyfriend Jamie Hince decamped in a hurry for Ibiza after they found out the hard way that her London home is flea-ridden. The culprits are believed to be Kate’s two Persian cats. The whole place has now been fumigated, leaving it temporaril­y uninhabita­ble. “Jamie and Kate are covered in red spots,” Nameless Insider told the Mirror.

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