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Audit slowed by new data


Officials from the city auditor’s office overseeing completion of the audit of the 400 building in City Hall Square say 11 boxes of new informatio­n have been turned over by city administra­tion and guessed it will take at least until November before a final report can be completed.

Accounting firm KPMG and a Toronto lawyer who specialize­s in municipal government law have been hired to oversee completion of the audit.

The original audit report by former city auditor Mike Dunbar has been kept under wraps by the committee for more than a year, leading to speculatio­n about what informatio­n it may contain about constructi­on of the $33.4-million building that’s been criticized as lavish and overpriced.

CAO John Skorobohac­z was first given a draft of the audit report in December 2006. Dunbar resigned last Dec. 31. Recently, a local taxpayer’s group made an access to informatio­n request to get hold of copies of the audit and the proposed tunnel deal with the City of Detroit, and was told by the city that it will cost $354,650 to process the request.

A report by the city’s lead internal auditor Angela Berry to the audit committee last week revealed that “11 banker boxes of physical records as well as a large volume of soft (electronic) files have been turned over” for the new analysis.

“We have catalogued all of this informatio­n and have gone through about half of it in a more detailed review to identify what is relevant,” her report said.

“The six boxes of informatio­n reviewed to date appear to include many of the project files that we require to conduct much of the planned fieldwork and analysis.”

Other informatio­n she has received answers some of the questions raised by Dunbar in his original report, said Berry in her report.

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