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Woman wrote 67 cheques to herself


An Amherstbur­g woman pleaded guilty Monday to defrauding her employer of more than $200,000 while handling the company’s books over a six-year period.

Starting in 2001, Dorothy Gyori, 41, fraudulent­ly used her boss’s name to sign cheques of ever-increasing amounts to herself. She would eventually bilk Nor-Built Constructi­on of $208,654.57 by 2007.

Based in Amherstbur­g and owned by her brother-in-law, Norbert Bolger, who hired her as his office administra­tor, Nor-Built constructs new homes.

Ontario court Justice Lloyd Dean heard how Bolger went to Amherstbur­g police last Oct. 10 when he discovered two cheques totalling more than $10,000 had been made out by Gyori to herself. When confronted, Gyori claimed the money had been cashed by her husband and deposited into her personal account by mistake.

Two weeks later, the owner discovered another cheque fraudulent­ly carrying his signature and made out to Gyori. Court heard the accused cried at the time and told her brother-in-law she’d given the money to his wife. The largescale fraud, with the accused fraudulent­ly signing her boss’s name to 67 cheques made out to herself over six years, was uncovered when Bolger then went to his bank to investigat­e.

Asked to attend the Amherstbur­g police station in late December of last year, Gyori tried to explain that all the deposits into her account had been “by mistake.”

In January, however, she e-mailed her brother-in-law, saying that when she realized how much money had been stolen she was “ashamed and remorseful.”

In a subsequent face-to-face, the court heard, Gyori told Bolger she would sell her home to repay what she’d taken. She was arrested on March 4.

The judge ordered a pre-sentence report prior to passing sentence next month.

Gyori, who has no prior criminal record, dabbed tears as she left the courtroom with her lawyer.

Gyori was originally charged with seven counts of theft over $5,000. She pleaded guilty to two of those counts Monday.

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