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Community rinks come up short at WFCU facility


I’m baffled by the lack of sensible seating for spectators in the new WFCU community rinks.

These rinks aren’t much more than practice facilities, especially in regard to seating in the facilities they’re replacing.

Riverside and Adstoll arenas have multiple rows of raised, bleacherty­pe seating to accommodat­e hundreds of spectators. The twinning of both Forest Glade and South Windsor arenas created adequately raised bleachers.

The community rinks at the WFCU site have inadequate seating and outside wall dimensions of these rinks won’t support additional seating.

This should be an embarrassm­ent to the people who designed, steered and agreed to the community rink aspect of the project.

These rinks should be adequate for hockey team practices, pickup hockey, public skating and figure skating practices.

However, how will families ever watch a house league game or a skating sectional or pageant in any of these community rinks?

There are only 90 usable seats in the AM-800 community rink. The secondrow seats along the sideboards are ergonomica­lly useless. They have no leg or foot room.

The majority of visitors to the new WFCU facility will be bringing their families to the community rinks for sports — not to the Spitfires’ games in the main bowl.

These people are guaranteed an inadequate Windsor experience visiting BARRY GALERNO


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