Windsor Star

Until our roads are safe, cyclists will use sidewalks


Re: Sidewalk-Riding Cyclists Should Be Ticketed, Sept. 11, by Ken Kilbreath. 1. Do you ride a bicycle? 2. Which one of the three city roads would you ride on: Riverside Drive, Tecumseh Road or Huron Church Road? 3. Do you have a death wish? Riding a bicycle on Windsor streets is only for the brave. Most bike lanes start and end without warning, which leaves the biker without any alternativ­e but to ride in traffic.

Many motorists use bike lanes for passing lanes.

Windsor has aggressive and inconsider­ate drivers. They run stoplights, stop across pedestrian walkways and almost never look both ways before entering a busy street.

We all know bicycles are not for the sidewalk, but until Windsor drivers are educated about bike lanes and willing to share the road, there will be bikers on the sidewalk. GAIL CLEGG


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