Windsor Star

‘King’ Harper looking to ascend to the throne


Here we go, asked again to trot to the polls to cast our ballot. We need this election like a hole in the head. We never seem to have enough to spend on necessitie­s, yet we are willing to spend millions on an election to please in my opinion, an individual with megalomani­cal tendencies and/or his endeavour to become “king.”

This man reminds me of Richard Nixon who also entertaine­d such thoughts. However, the American public denied his quest, and in my opinion we should do likewise to Stephen Harper.

He made a better impression as the leader of the opposition than as the prime minister.

He is not satisfied with what he’s got and now is aiming for all or nothing. It would fair if he was gambling with his own money, but since this is not the case, he expects us to foot the bill.

It does not seem to be right nor is there a need, especially since he put a date for the next election to occur in October 2009.

What’s the hurry? People of Canada be aware. Kings are not made, but born, and in that process heredity plays the major role. GEORGE BUSCH


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