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CAW member ‘ashamed’ by Hargrove’s behaviour


Re: The Wrong Kind of Buzz, Sept. 9, Gord Henderson column.

I feel it was totally inappropri­ate for an outgoing CAW president to do such a thing and yes I’m a CAW member and a Ford worker and I’m ashamed.

How can a grown man do such a thing? Maybe the timing of the announceme­nt was tied to the election but stop and think if Buzz was running for prime minister — don’t you think he would do the same. It is all about getting re-elected.

The announceme­nt meant so much to our local workforce and economy. Buzz ruined all the good he’s done over the years with that gesture to the prime minister. I know we don’t have great leaders in this country like we had years ago — Buzz was no Bob White and Ken Lewenza no Buzz — so where does that leave the CAW? LORNE SEEGER

Belle River, Ont.

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