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Violence at a football match in Congo left 13 people dead, most of them children, after a player who cast a spell provoked scuffles that led to a stampede, police and aid workers said Monday.

The incident happened during a match Sunday at Butembo, 360 kilometres north of the provincial capital of Goma in the east of the country, said police.

“Thirteen people were killed and 54 injured during a football match,” said police in Butembo.

Scuffles broke out among the spectators after a player from the losing team performed some kind of spell in the opposing team’s goal, said Caritas spokesman GuyMarin Kamandji in a statement.

“It happened near the end of the match between two local teams, Nyuki and Socozaki, at the Matokeo stadium in Butembo,” Kamandji said.

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