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Dunst renews spirit



Kirsten Dunst is out of rehab after treatment for depression, and to judge by what she told Harper’s Bazaar mag, the meds are working: “Everyone goes through a hard time in their life. They just don’t have to do it in front of tons of people and with our media the way it is. I did, and I’m lucky that I had the resources and the money to take care of myself. Now, I’m great. I learned a lot. I wasn’t taking care of myself emotionall­y. I wasn’t expressing my anger. I was making nice all the time.”

So now she’s expressing her anger at the double standard in American media: “I don’t buy the rag mags, but I was looking at the cover of one, and an actress’s husband apparently had cheated on her. Who knows if it’s true? But they don’t put the guy on the cover, going, ‘Look at what this guy did.’ They put the girl on the cover, going, ‘Look at what he did to her.’ ... If a guy’s flirting with me, I’m the slut. It can kill a girl’s spirit.” Stupid, this is Queen’s University — not the one in Kingston Ont., but the one in Belfast — is offering a oneday course in Jedi psychology. No, seriously.

Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way supposedly offers the “reallife psychologi­cal techniques behind Jedi mind tricks” and also examines “wider issues behind the Star Wars universe, like balance, destiny, dualism, fatherhood and fascism.”

There’s only one problem: “Light sabres are not provided.”

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