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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency conducted spot checks at hundreds of retail stores over the weekend and has found no evidence that contaminat­ed infant formula laced with melamine slipped into Canada from China.

Inspectors launched the blitz at nearly 300 stores in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal after news surfaced of tainted infant formula — officially linked on Monday to the deaths of two babies in China and illness in more than 1,250 babies in a widening food safety scandal.

No infant formulas produced in China are approved for sale in Canada, but it’s possible the contaminat­ed product could have been illegally imported to Canada and sold in some stores that carry ethnic foods, said Michel LaBrosse, director of the import control division at CFIA.

As a result, since Friday, inspectors have visited 75 stores in Vancouver, 196 in Toronto, and 18 in Montreal. Inspectors, targeting specialize­d stores in urban Chinatowns, have not found any infant formula from China on store shelves.

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