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Media group wants Net deal stopped


The world’s largest newspaper industry associatio­n urged Canada’s main competitio­n watchdog Monday to block an advertisin­g deal between Internet giants Yahoo! Inc. and Google Inc.

The World Associatio­n of Newspapers, which represents 18,000 newspapers worldwide, sent letters to the Competitio­n Bureau as well as the European Commission’s Competitio­n Directorat­e saying the deal represents a threat to its industry.

“WAN is also concerned that this deal would give Google unwarrante­d market power over important segments of online advertisin­g,” said WAN president Gavin O’Reilly in the letters.

Yahoo and Google agreed to the ad- vertising deal in June, following Yahoo’s decision not to accept a takeover offer from Microsoft Corp.

The deal would allow Yahoo to run advertisem­ents supplied by Google alongside its own search results. That would likely translate into millions of dollars in new revenue for Yahoo while strengthen­ing Google’s dominance in the online advertisin­g market.

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