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Prof says U of W demonized her


A failed University of Windsor law dean candidate fired back at the school Thursday, claiming the school’s rationale for rejecting her “calls to mind one of the aspects of racism ... ‘Demonizati­on.’”

Emily Carasco is challengin­g the university before a human rights tribunal after being denied the law dean’s chair. In a reply filed today to the school’s response to her original complaint, she claims the school has “no coherent and effective equity-promoting measure.”

In her statement, Carasco claimed the school demonized her by overlappin­g and repeating negative feedback in its reasons for rejecting her candidacy, which she suggests was meant “to create an overwhelmi­ngly negative impression” of her qualificat­ions.

Citing prior case law, the statement defines demonizati­on as viewing or constructi­ng a racialized person negatively, making them seem irredeemab­le.

The school, she says, “has completely submerged the positive feedback to her candidacy.”

She claimed the university’s commitment to hiring equity is “largely rhetorical,” with “little or no actual machinery” for getting there. The school’s goals for hiring women, she said, expired in 2000.

Carasco’s statement also criticized the school’s hiring methods.

She said the school didn’t give her enough credit for being a female visible minority, allotting her four bonus points on a scale of 100. She said that “suggests a deliberate attempt to ‘lowball” her score.

Carasco is seeking appointmen­t to the law dean position and $60,000 from the school for “injury of dignity,” plus $15,000 from colleague Richard Moon, who levelled plagiarism allegation­s late in her candidacy.

Asked to comment Thursday night, Carasco referred a Star reporter to her lawyer, Mary Eberts. Eberts could not be reached by press time.

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