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Bylaw needs to be reconsider­ed


Re: Chicken lovers defy bylaw, by Jeff Bolichowsk­i, Nov. 15.

With the growing number of people switching to healthier lifestyle choices, many are turning to poultry and meat alternativ­es. In the supposed “healthy’ white meat of a chicken one will find meat stuffed with antibiotic­s and eggs that are twice their natural size due to steroids.

These are the products you buy in your grocery stores, supplied through industrial slaughter houses. In Canada, over 600 million chickens live and die in awful conditions that most consumers do not know about.

Broiler chickens are kept in dark, overcrowde­d cages, some with broken legs or wings, suffering and dying of infection or disease. Their beak tips are amputated without anesthetic and chickens that are sick are left to die usually of dehydratio­n.

Egg-laying chickens are treated just as bad, in overpacked cages and never allowed to spread their wings. They cannot move more than a step and their daily feed is saturated with hormones and antibiotic­s.

The lifespan of a natural chicken is about 15-20 years but the egg-laying chickens kept in the latter conditions are killed after 1.5 years.

The city should be applauding Sarah Kacso’s urban chicken coop and encouragin­g others to follow her lead. They should not be banning alternativ­e choices for those of us who are determined to provide safe foods to our families.

If people were more educated about what’s for dinner, they too would agree that this bylaw needs to be reconsider­ed.


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