Windsor Star

Sit back and look at big picture


It is easy to say that city council has no foresight or are ignorant and naive. However, the same can be said of the supporters of raising chickens in the city.

There are many more issues in this decision than the benefit of the eggs such as how to keep the chickens healthy and safe from dogs, skunk, fox, possum, raccoon, weasel, hawks and humans.

The wasted feed will attract mice, rats and anything else that will eat the seed.

What do we do with the animal waste? It’s against city bylaw to dispose of animal waste in our regular garbage collection.

How do those of us who are not educated in the raising of chickens recognize and deal with parasites and disease associated with chickens? How much noise will they make and will it violate noise bylaws and or upset neighbours?

It is important for all of us on either side of the fence to sit back and look at the big picture rather than through the tunnel at our own agenda.


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