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Why has Bill 22 been forgotten?


Why is it that the government is so quick to talk about family, yet it gives up on what my father and many people have fought for? Bill 22, grandparen­ts’ rights, is a human right.

Times have changed and the laws have to be changed to fit the times. Many people including my father fought for this right for all humans including our children to see their grandparen­ts and great-grandparen­ts.

This makes me ashamed that as a human being, we are losing rights. These are today’s children, tomorrow’s parents and tomorrow’s grandparen­ts.

Grandparen­ts give their love, support, time, guidance and much more.

They act as teachers, good listeners, etc.

Due to job losses, addictions, single parenting, marriage breakups, stresses in today’s living and much more, children are suffering from emotional, physical and mental abuse.

Children need their grandparen­ts now more than ever in order to keep these family ties together and to balance out the stress they are being handed.

Grandparen­ts and greatgrand­parents are raising many grandchild­ren today.

Children have no voice in this matter.

I ask every veteran out there what you fought for, every person out there, remember family is how you got here.

Support Bill 22 grandparen­ts’ rights. Send letters to Premier Dalton McGuinty, state what rights you don’t have. Remember our brothers and sisters, our forefather­s and mothers.

We are supposed to have basic human rights. These are basic human rights, not only for us, our little ones too that have no voice.

Sign petitions. I ask, why do we not have the rights my father and others fought for?

Rememberin­g you, Dad, for your fight.

I fight strong today for that right.


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