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Internet trolls disgusting


Re: ‘Internet trolls’ deface Facebook memorial of NHLer’s deceased daughter, by Don Butler, Postmedia News, Nov. 16.

People have no respect for others these days, even in death.

I was reading an article about former NHLer Luke Richardson’s daughter, Daron, who recently tried to commit suicide and later died in the hospital.

They made a page for her memorial on Facebook and some people are posting offensive material on the page. Even in death they can’t have peace, what is the world coming to?

People who commit these cruel acts will have their just reward. I think Facebook should start tracking IP addresses from where the post came from.

If a post is reported and found to be really insensitiv­e and offensive, depending on the page and where the post was left, it should be banned from Facebook indefinite­ly.

That Facebook user account should be closed out without any way to reopen the account ever again.

This is too disturbing to disrespect the memorial of a 14-year-old kid who is dead. I don’t think these “Internet trolls” would come to sympathizi­ng with the Richardson family with the grief of losing a loved one until it happens to them. It is really just disgusting.


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