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Eggs at grocery store are fresh


Re: Windsor council called shortsight­ed in not discussing urban chicken issue, by Doug Schmidt, Nov. 11.

While I agree it is wonderful to have fresh eggs and to know where your food is coming from, I don’t necessaril­y believe that urban chicken farms are the way to deal with this.

At letstalkfa­ (urban-egg-farmer-top-ten-list-of-chores), Dr. Mike Petrik, DVM, on behalf of Egg Farmers of Ontario, presents some of the items that urbanites need to be aware of prior to beginning their chicken adventure.

Items like disposing of chicken manure properly, “A hen excretes approximat­ely 2 lbs. of manure per week:” the need to deal with contaminat­ion when livestock is confined to an area for an extended period; and unique health needs of laying hens.

Beyond that, this article does not even address the inevitable death of birds and how to appropriat­ely dispose of the body. These are all things that are regulated on farms with laying hens.

Instead of raising your own hens in the backyard, realize that eggs in the grocery store are fresh. They are only seven to 10 days from the farm, or go to the farmers markets and get your eggs from them.


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